Old Wire Basket Rusted Roost

We love this wire basket. It's about three feet tall and features a false bottom. And because it's made of wire, it doesn't consume a lot of visual space; you can see right through it, so it won't block light or feel nearly as big as it is.

Showing this piece just as it is works for us, but you can also put its storage potential to good use. Here are five suggestions.

Sweet Annie Rusted RoostA BASKETFUL OF IDEAS

1) Fill this beauty with an armful of Sweet Annie (shown on the right.) Also known as Artemisia Annua or Sweet Wormwood, the plant can grow to six feet tall, so bundle long cuttings and let them cascade from the basket. As Sweet Annie dries, it turns from a lovely green to a leathery brown color, but it can maintain its wonderful scent for years.

2) How about using the basket to display bolts of vintage textiles, small rolled-up quilts or wrapping paper? The wire sides will contain your collection nicely while showing it off at the same time.

3) Flip the basket and use it as a lamp shade. You can leave the bulb exposed or weave strips of burlap or other material through the wire to create a more traditional presentation. We can even add the electrical elements for you. Ask us for more details.

4) Place the basket close to your shower and use it to hold folded or rolled bath towels.

5) During the holiday season, layer in real pine roping, positioning simple silver ornaments as you go so they can be seen through the wire. Place the basket on a cupboard, a sideboard, or in the center of your dinner table. Simple elegance that smells nice, too.

We came up with these applications in just a few minutes, so if you see an item here at Rusted Roost that you love but can't figure out how to use, let us know. We can probably think of some good ideas for you.

See you soon.

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