Ahh, what could you do with this wonderful old washing machine? Let's see...

1) You might use it as an indoor or outdoor planter. Imagine a beautiful Boston fern or your favorite annuals popping out from the basin.

Old Washing Machine Rusted Roost2) Fill the tub with ice and use it to hold canned or bottled beverages during your next porch party. It's bound to be the most unique cooler your guests have ever seen.

3) Display it in your laundry room, along with vintage detergent and soap boxes.

4) Or, you could turn it into a working sink for your bathroom or potting shed! We did just that for the bathroom here at Rusted Roost. Ask to see it the next time you're in the shop.

So many of the farm antiques and architectural salvage items we have can be re-purposed to create visual interest in your home or office. Let us know if we can help with any ideas. Stop in soon

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