Hoosier Cabinet

Hoosier AdHoosier cabinets - or Hoosiers - are self-contained cupboards / kitchen workstations that were built during the first few decades of the 20th century, before most homes had build-in cabinetry.

Based in Indiana, The Hoosier Manufacturing Company was the most well-known maker of the free-standing cabinets, but other companies produced them, too. The example in our shop is an actual Hoosier brand cupboard, as you can tell by the yellow plaque. It includes a wonderful metal flour sifter, an expanding countertop, decorative windows, and lots of storage space.

We believe the magazine advertisement shown is from 1906, the same year our Hoosier was patented.

In the ad you can see that Hoosiers were available in various sizes and with many other features as well, such as sugar bins, spice racks, even ironing boards. Glass storage jars for tea, coffee and crackers were also produced specifically to fit the cabinets. 

We invite you to stop in and see this great piece at Rusted Roost Marketplace, located in downtown Blissfield, Michigan, just 209 miles northeast of where this Hoosier was made in New Castle, Indiana.