Vintage Shopping Cart

You may not know the name Sylvan Goldman, but you certainly know what he invented: the grocery cart.

Many decades ago, Mr. Goldman owned the Humpty Dumpty grocery store chain in Oklahoma City. It occurred to him one day that if his customers had a convenient way to carry more items, they might buy more items. He got to tinkering, and debuted his first grocery cart in June of 1937.

So, how might you use the wonderful vintage grocery cart shown above in your home?

Humpty Dumpty LogoTHREE IDEAS

1) If you collect old packaging - detergent or cereal boxes, pop bottles, cleaning products, etc. - you could display your examples in the cart.

2) A giant Boston fern would look great in this cart with its fronds flowing over the top and between the gaps in the metal wire.

3) What if house guests walked into your bathroom and saw the cart filled with a tall stack of bath towels?

No matter how it's used, this cart will make for an interesting conversation piece in just about any home.

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