Coke Ad

Vintage Coke AdsThe Coca-Cola advertising piece above features the Coke Sprite Boy, a character that appeared in the company's ads between 1942 and 1958. He's shown wearing a bottle cap, which was one of his two hats. He wore a soda jerk's hat in other ads.

Roughly 3-1/2 feet high, the circular sign would make a bold statement, whether it hangs in a kitchen or bar area, or becomes part of a Coke collection. 

The Sprite Boy was designed by Muskegon, Michigan native Haddon Sundblom, the artist who also created the Coca-Cola Santa. In the 1930s, Sundblom's iconic interpretation pretty much defined how Americans began to think of Santa Claus, and how we still think of him today.

Here are two other ads that feature the Sprite Boy, who, by the way, is not affiliated with the beverage Sprite. That soft drink was not introduced until 1961, several years after Coke officially retired their cheerful mascot.

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