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He’s a Blissfield native who works as a paramedic, helping people in need all over Lenawee and Monroe Counties.

She’s a small-town Ohio writer who’s had jobs in bookstores and offices, but was most inspired while serving the public as a barista.

He’s Ben. She’s Lindsey. Together, the Forches have two cute kids, a big dog, and a great little shop - The Steam Inn Coffee Room. It’s located inside the historic Rusted Roost Marketplace in downtown Blissfield.

“Ben and I first talked about opening a bar in 2008,” Lindsey recalled. “My uncle owned bars when I was little, and the atmosphere there always felt electric - like anything could happen.”

Actual CoffeeAs she and Ben got interested in craft beer, they decided to start a brewery. Ben even studied the craft beverage business through Portland State University. “That idea evolved when I read an article in Food & Wine about the trend of coffee and beer," Lindsey said. "Since I always loved working in coffee shops, we chose to open both a brewery and a coffee shop in one.”

“But when we saw the Rusted Roost building, we realized the coffee concept would fit better in the upper floor and the brewery could work in the basement, so we separated the two,” Lindsey said. The brewery is still in the planning stages.

“All of our coffee and espresso is direct-trade from Actual Coffee in Toledo,” said Ben. “Once you try it, you'll know the difference. It's smooth, nuanced, and complex. All the coffees we brew are of light to medium roast. You can truly taste the flavors in them.”

“And we make all of the classic cafe drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos,” Lindsey added. “You can also try specialty drinks, like our honey lavender latte or the toasted marshmallow mocha.”

Arbor TeasSteam Inn Coffee Room also offers Arbor Teas. Lindsey recommends the London Fog. “It’s an Earl Grey latte with lavender and vanilla." She also likes a latte made with macadamia milk or a grassy tea.

Ben’s favorite? “The espresso is amazing and one of the reasons we were drawn to Actual Coffee. Sometimes I'll have a Red-Eye or just a double-shot of espresso.”

“The Steam Inn Coffee Room is original," he says. “We've worked hard to provide the quality and atmosphere that people expect in bigger towns like Ann Arbor.”

Lindsey agreed. “We’re in a historic hotel, which is already pretty awesome. But also, everything in our shop - from our decor to our inventory - is something I stand behind. I’m a natural curator, and I have a passion for putting everything I love in one place.”

“We feel so fortunate to be able to bring what we love about good coffee shops - the craft and the vibe - to our little town.”