Primitive Metal Box, Architectural Salvage and AntiquesPart of the fun of buying antiques is figuring out how you'll use them in your home or office.

Take the metal box pictured above, for instance. (We love the compartments, by the way, and the hint of original paint that's stubbornly clinging to the sides.) You could re-purpose that type of box as an indoor planter. Just fill it with a few fragrant herbs and place it next to a kitchen window or any other sunny spot.

You might use an old box to hold mail, your favorite CDs or the TV remotes. Always losing your keys, sunglasses or cell phone? Toss 'em into cubbies like these at the end of the day and you'll know right where they are come morning.

Or take an antique wood or metal box to work and use it to store your office supplies: small pads of paper, envelopes, scissors, pens and highlighters. In terms of personality, it'll beat a new plastic caddy every day of the week, and it might even start a few conversations.

Of course, an interesting antique doesn't need to be used at all. You can simply enjoy it for its appearance and the unique style and history it brings to your life. 

If you see something at Rusted Roost that you like but you're not sure how you might use or display it, let us know. We'll be glad to offer a few ideas.