Old Wire Basket Rusted Roost

We love this wire basket. It's about three feet tall and features a false bottom. And because it's made of wire, it doesn't consume a lot of visual space; you can see right through it, so it won't block light or feel nearly as big as it is.

Showing this piece just as it is works for us, but you can also put its storage potential to good use. Here are five suggestions.

Sweet Annie Rusted RoostA BASKETFUL OF IDEAS

1) Fill this beauty with an armful of Sweet Annie (shown on the right.) Also known as Artemisia Annua or Sweet Wormwood, the plant can grow to six feet tall, so bundle long cuttings and let them cascade from the basket. As Sweet Annie dries, it turns from a lovely green to a leathery brown color, but it can maintain its wonderful scent for years.

2) How about using the basket to display bolts of vintage textiles, small rolled-up quilts or wrapping paper? The wire sides will contain your collection nicely while showing it off at the same time.

3) Flip the basket and use it as a lamp shade. You can leave the bulb exposed or weave strips of burlap or other material through the wire to create a more traditional presentation. We can even add the electrical elements for you. Ask us for more details.

4) Place the basket close to your shower and use it to hold folded or rolled bath towels.

5) During the holiday season, layer in real pine roping, positioning simple silver ornaments as you go so they can be seen through the wire. Place the basket on a cupboard, a sideboard, or in the center of your dinner table. Simple elegance that smells nice, too.

We came up with these applications in just a few minutes, so if you see an item here at Rusted Roost that you love but can't figure out how to use, let us know. We can probably think of some good ideas for you.

See you soon.

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The warmer temperatures and sunny skies of spring make for good travelin' weather. So come on in and see us.

You'll find many wonderful farm antiques, primitives, architectural salvage, advertising pieces and much more in our historic brick building. Choose a few of your favorites to add to your home or office, or even outside on your porch. 

While you're in our hometown of Blissfield, Michigan, visit a beautiful shop called Blissful Living and the many other antique stores in town. Then, stop for lunch or dinner at Main Street Stable and Tavern, BTown Bar and Grill, Pumpernickels Subs and Sandwiches, or Beckeys Kountry Kitchen

Hope to meet you soon. 


So much of today's product packaging is composed of either plastic or cardboard. Even the cans that are still made of metal are usually wrapped with a label.

That's why “tins” become more valuable and interesting with each passing year.

With their often vibrant colors, bold graphics and unique type printed directly on the metal, a group of tins can make for a visually appealing collection. And they almost assign themselves to a spot in your home or office based on the product they contained. Food tins make sense in your kitchen, for instance; or tins that once held cleaning products work well in a laundry room. Tins can also be combined with old jars and boxes to create a cohesive scene on shelves or in a cupboard.

Stop into Rusted Roost in downtown Blissfield, Michigan soon for a look at our tins and pick out a few of your favorites.


When visiting our hometown of Blissfield, Michigan, be sure to treat yourself to a trip aboard the Old Road Dinner Train, operated by The Adrian and Blissfield Railroad. 

Each Saturday night - and several other dates throughout the year - the historic train carries passengers on a leisurely journey through the Southeast Michigan countryside. The evening includes a delicious five-course meal, a cash bar, and a very funny, interactive murder mystery. 

The dinner train attracts thousands of visitors each year, many who come back time and time again to enjoy the ever-changing show. So, we suggest making your reservations well in advance. 

Learn more at the train's website or reserve your seats by calling 1-888-467-2451. 

And before you board, don't forget to stop into Rusted Roost. We're just down the street from the train depot at 102 West Adrian (US Route 223). Find directions to our shop here.


The rusty red head of a windmill spinning in a stiff spring breeze.

An endless field of soybean leaves swaying like the waves of a shallow green ocean.

The mesmerizing dance of an early evening bonfire.

An old painted porch swing lulling you to sleep as it glides so smoothly back and forth.

The motions of country life. The memories of an unhurried time - a time we still celebrate every day at Rusted Roost.

We invite you to stop in, slow down, and stay a while.

Soak up some sun on our front steps. Visit a few of our neighbors.

And then, on your ride home, take the back roads to see what you've been missing for far too long.

Cindi Rolf Paintings

Along with barnyard antiques, primitive furniture and architectural salvage, we have new farm-inspired accents for your home and office.

Our selection includes a few original paintings from area artist Cindi Rolf. 

We really like the colors and subject matter that Cindi chose for the three works shown above. And we love her simple, straight-forward style.

Stop into Rusted Roost in Blissfield, Michigan soon and choose one of these wonderful pieces for your own roost. 

We'd love for you to visit our historic building in Blissfield, Michigan and enjoy all the things we've found for you: barnyard antiques, primitives, architectural salvage, and farm-inspired gifts. But until you can be here in person, why not take a quick video tour?

Primitive Metal Box, Architectural Salvage and AntiquesPart of the fun of buying antiques is figuring out how you'll use them in your home or office.

Take the metal box pictured above, for instance. (We love the compartments, by the way, and the hint of original paint that's stubbornly clinging to the sides.) You could re-purpose that type of box as an indoor planter. Just fill it with a few fragrant herbs and place it next to a kitchen window or any other sunny spot.

You might use an old box to hold mail, your favorite CDs or the TV remotes. Always losing your keys, sunglasses or cell phone? Toss 'em into cubbies like these at the end of the day and you'll know right where they are come morning.

Or take an antique wood or metal box to work and use it to store your office supplies: small pads of paper, envelopes, scissors, pens and highlighters. In terms of personality, it'll beat a new plastic caddy every day of the week, and it might even start a few conversations.

Of course, an interesting antique doesn't need to be used at all. You can simply enjoy it for its appearance and the unique style and history it brings to your life. 

If you see something at Rusted Roost that you like but you're not sure how you might use or display it, let us know. We'll be glad to offer a few ideas.

Old Barn Wood, Antique Store, Blissfield, Michigan

This wood is on one of the walls here at Rusted Roost. It was once part of a beautiful old barn just up the road.

But she'd finally taken all she could take - all the wind and rain and decades - and she came down. If you love barns as much as we do, you understand that sense of loss. 

Like so many of the other things in our shop, though, this wood has gone on to have a new life. And we're lucky to get to look at its paint and knotholes and weather-worn character every day. 

That's one of the creative aspects of what we do: find new uses and new homes for things that others discard or see no obvious value in. 

But if you get why we'd put old barn wood on a wall and then write a blog post about it, you're our kind of folks.

Stop in soon and take a look at this wall and all the other walls in our rusted roost.